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Colton Hughes, Social Media Expert at Big Bear Veterinary Clinic

Colton Ryan Hughes

“Giggle giggle. I wuvvv Big Bear because I get to go to work wiff Mummyyyy. Giggle”

Meet Colton

Colton Ryan was born on August 1st, 2022, after romping around as a little human parasite attached to Dr. Lawlor for over 9 months. Since being born, he has learned some of the most basic life skills, including eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom (albeit, in his diaper of course). In the beginning, he believed he would have a normal, boring upbringing, just sleeping his days away. But boy was he wrong! Suddenly, he was being dragged to the clinic for meetings and appointments and after-hours emergencies. He quickly started to pick up some important insight into pet ownership, tips, tricks, and little tidbits of advice that he figured may be beneficial to pet owners. Thus, he created Colton Ryan’s Revelations, which can be found on our Facebook page and hopefully our website very soon. The smartest little baby I have ever seen, he will eat anything, loves being outside on the tractor or side-by-side and enjoys playing peek-a-boo. 

In Colton’s free time, he loves to hang out with his doggie siblings Beaudee, Harley, Kodiak, and Maggie. He also loves milk and chewing on his hands. He is not much for late nights, but he does enjoy going out with his mom, dad, and grandparents to dinner on occasion.

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