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Tullio's Angel Fund

Tullio’s Angel Fund was founded by Dr. Lawlor, after receiving a very generous donation from one of our clients, whose pet Tullio, passed away after an extraordinarily long life. They were blessed to be able to provide the care that Tullio needed as he got older, and they were amazing pet parents.

When Tullio passed in 2023, Tullio’s owner donated $500 to our clinic, and their wish was for us to be able to use those funds for clients or patients in need; whether it was to help with someone’s veterinary bill, or to help with one of our many rescues, they wanted it to make a difference. Dr. Lawlor had always wanted to start an “Angel Fund” of sorts, to help those in need afford veterinary care. Tullio’s parents provided the push needed for Big Bear Veterinary Clinic to start Tullio’s Angel Fund.


With this fund, we have not only been able to help clients in need afford lifesaving diagnostics and treatment, but it has also helped provide basic care to several rescues that Big Bear Vet has taken in already. Although this fund has just gotten started, it has already helped so many animals in just a short time.

There is a glass donation container in the front of our reception area on the counter where you can make donations to the fund. If you cannot afford to donate, that’s okay, you can spread the word. As everyone knows, in our small town, word travels. Big Bear Veterinary Clinic is committed to helping as many animals as possible, and all money raised via Tullio’s  Angel Fund goes to help our clients and patients in need.

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