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Dienna Drew, Team Supervisor at Big Bear Veterinary Clinic

Deinna Drew

“I am very fortunate to continue working in the field I love at Big Bear Vet Clinic, and I am proud of the wonderful team I am a part of.”

Meet Deinna

Deinna is originally from Central Florida, where she had spent 20 years in the profession as a veterinary assistant, which she absolutely found to be her heart’s desire. She loves working with and helping animals in need and she loves to be able to help clients during some of their hardest times as pet parents. 

Dr. Lawlor met Deinna when she brought her two dogs in to get established for veterinary care. Deinna expressed that she was a veterinary assistant and had several years of experience under her belt. She mentioned that if we ever needed help, she would be interested. The rest was history. Since being hired on in December of 2020, Deinna is now an important part of the Big Bear Vet team and brings a ton of experience with her and a passion for mentoring those in the field that are learning or have an interest in veterinary medicine. 

Deinna has been fortunate to have traveled throughout the United States, visiting, and staying in many amazing and beautiful places. When looking for a place to land, Deinna knew she loved the mountains, but just could not deal with the amount of snow or how cold it was in the Midwest. She knew she had found the right place when she came to Hayesville, a place she would now call her forever home. Among all her travels, she found herself in love with the beautiful scenery and the milder climate our little town provides. 

She recently finished building her DREAM HOME atop a mountain in Hayesville, which she shares with her amazing husband Chris, her baby Chihuahua Bruno and Bella, her big girl Rottweiler. The whole family finds joy in walking and hiking the local trails and the excitement in Jeeping, which all adventurists should know is fancy off roading and rock crawling in your Jeep!!

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