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Kathy Wood, Assistant Practice Manager at Big Bear Veterinary Clinic

Kathy Demaio-Wood

“I am thankful and feel blessed to have met Dr. Lawlor and be given the opportunity to work with the amazing and dedicated doctors and staff at Big Bear Vet.”

Meet Kathy

Kathy has been with us since opening day in October of 2020, when Big Bear Vet first made its appearance. Dr. Lawlor met Kathy when she came pulling into the clinic before it had even opened, inquiring about a possible position, and confessing her passion for animals. She has not looked back since and has taken on a major role as part of the Big Bear Vet team. 

Originally from northeast Ohio, Kathy relocated to the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, where she spent her nursing career in various roles, with her last 23 years spent in Hospice Care and Management. In 2019 she and her husband Tom moved to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and started the next chapter of their lives. 

Prior to her career as a hospice nurse and nurse manager, Kathy spent 8 years working as a veterinary assistant, within a veterinary clinic just like Big Bear. Working with animals had always been her heart’s desire and she had always hoped that one day she could return to a career to do just that. She can honestly never remember a time where she did not have at least one pet, and she understands and respects the strong bonds between people and their pets. 

Kathy is truly an asset to the clinic. Along with all the behind-the-scenes managerial work and hiring that she helps Dr. Lawlor with you can also find her at the front desk, where she is keeping clients entertained with her great humor and jokes. We know sometimes waiting stinks, but at least Kathy is there for some prime entertainment. We are so blessed to have Kathy as a member of our team. 

In her spare time, she volunteers and is a board member of the Peacock Performing Arts Center. She loves spending her days with her family. Kathy has an incredible son Michael who is an award-winning lighting designer and educator; in addition to her talented daughter-in-law, who exceeds all her expectations. Her husband Tom is her superhero, who supports all her ventures. Of course, she will not let you forget her most favorite family members, her two German Shepherds Roy and Luca and Leo her Malinois, along with her two cats Lois and Clark, who make her world complete.

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