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Kris Salet, Veterinary Assistant at Big Bear Veterinary Clinic

Krishta (Kris) Salet

“I love being able to work with all different types of animals and I love being able to help them through the work I do at Big Bear Vet.”

Meet Kris

Kris is originally from Miami, Florida, but moved up to the beautiful mountains of Georgia in 2017 for a change of pace and to raise her son. Kris currently lives in Blairsville, Georgia with her husband David, their son Matthew, and her grandparents. 

Kris has worked with animals in one capacity or another for practically her entire life. She has trained horses and dogs, managed kennel services for government and local law enforcement working dogs and more recently, managed local Humane Society rescue and adoption services. Kris joined Big Bear Veterinary Clinic in February of 2021, only 4 short months after we opened our doors. Along with her, she brought a ton of animal handling experience and passion for helping animals. 

Kris was a quick learner and very rapidly became an asset to the clinic. She is quick on her feet, willing to jump right in with new things and can adapt to the stressful situations that come with being a veterinary assistant. She is an integral part of our team at Big Bear.

Kris loves animals of all sizes and is currently the “dog mom” to Skye and Savage, and “cat mom” to three rescue kitties, Alice, Chapo and Raven. However, these numbers tend to fluctuate because Kris also fosters many animals in need and cares for them until they can find their forever homes. 

In her free time, she enjoys getting tattoos, hunting, and going to various zoos and aquariums. She loves hanging out with her family and watching her son play various sports. She is obviously Matthew’s biggest cheerleader.

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