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Skyler Bey, Veterinary Assistant at Big Bear Veterinary Clinic

Skyler Fantigrassi-Bey

“I love working at Big Bear Vet Clinic because the level of care that each and every Doctor and staff provides is outstanding. Through the compassion, care, and teaching from each person at our clinic, I am able to begin my life-long dream of becoming a licensed veterinarian. The staff at Big Bear is the best staff North Carolina has to offer.”

Meet Skyler

Skyler is originally from South Florida and joined the Military as a 31 Bravo (Military Police Officer) at the age of 17. Skyler has traveled to several places such as, Mexico, California, Louisiana and even right here in his new home state of North Carolina!

As a child growing up, Skyler always had a passion for being around animals and making sure they were getting the proper care they need. “There’s no creature large or small that doesn’t deserve quality care under my watchful eye”.

Skyler is passionate about nurturing the bond between pets and their owners and understands the importance of preventative health care for them. His military background, his passion for animals, and willingness to learn about helping animals and people, are the reasons he became a veterinary assistant.

Skyler loves the outdoors and in his free time he can be found riding his 4-wheeler or getting dirty in his mud truck. He also enjoys attending concerts and appreciates art and creating his own art.

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